belladona 2BELLADONNA

Mary Finn
Unabridged, 8 hrs 32 mins
Publisher: Brilliance Audio ©2011


“Much of this historical novel is told through dialogue, making it a natural for audio.  Thomas, a British teen, helps Ling, a French girl, search for Belladonna, the horse she used to ride in the circus.  Along the way, they encounter painter George Stubbs, whose anatomical studies of horses both draw in and repel the young people.  Ralph Lister’s low, raspy voice moves easily from the French girl to the adolescent British boy and to English folks of all classes.  His portrayals of field hands and kitchen girls show a tendency toward over-the-top accents, but this livens up the otherwise slow narrative.  Note: This is not an audiobook for the faint of heart; Stubbs butchered horses to draw their anatomy, and his methods are described in detail.”

© AudioFile 2011

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