The Bellwether revivals V2The Bellwether Revivals

Benjamin Wood
Unabridged, 15 hrs 6 mins

Publisher: Brilliance Audio ©2012


“Ralph Lister is perfectly cast as Oscar Lowe—a once lovely single English gent who works as a care assistant near Cambridge University.  He describes with elegant candor how Oscar’s satisfactorily humdrum routine fatefully changes when he’s drawn into King’s College Chapel by the inviting music.  There he meets the charming Iris Bellwether and her peculiar brother, Eden, a musical intellect.  Unfamiliar with this world of privilege, Oscar finds himself in strange territory that includes Eden’s mad psychological experiments, which claim to cure by way of music and hypnotism.  Lister transitions among characters with perfect accuracy—from the highbrow friends and parents of Iris and Eden to the genteel elderly doctor who is in Oscar’s care. Lister provides a spellbinding tour de force.”

© AudioFile 2012

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