Oh, dear, it’s been a few…

Wow!  You turn around and a further 8+ years of life have flown by, and this blog page has been tragically ignored.  Yes, guilty as charged, officer.  Suffice it to say, much has gone on for me both professionally and personally.  Many, many more audiobooks (now somewhere around 500 narrated titles), a whole bunch of films, some TV.  Importantly, I also largely relocated away from Los Angeles to Barcelona, where I now live with my wife (married in 2017) and our son (who has now reached a grand old age of 4).  Our fragile world has gone through the awful miseries of the Covid plague (and continues to today in many countries – my thoughts are with them).  Who could have imagined that when I wrote this bouncy post below so much would come so soon to transpire.  The then newly-posted list of my narrated audiobooks is of course now comprehensively out-of-date, and I think – better than updating and adding to its detailed entries – if you’re curious at all in hearing or learning about any of my work, either as a narrator/voice talent or as an actor, then a search for me at www.Audible.com or at www.IMDb.com would seem one of the best ways to go.

I hope during these years you have not only avoided the ravages of Covid as we have, but that your work and family life have indeed flourished.  Stay healthy, and, like Clint Eastwood, stay youthful at heart!

Very best wishes, and a very Happy New Year to you –


January 2023

Updates to the website!

I’ve been ducking out of the studio recently so as to get some updates done to this website.  No, it doesn’t happen all by itself!  (Now where is my wand?)

I’ve added an up-to-date list of all the audiobooks I have narrated to date, along with their genres and publishers, and will add a variety of other audio clips from book categories which were not included before, as well as some more reviews from monthly industry magazine AudioFile.   (A great magazine, BTW, for all fans of audiobooks – the articles and reviews are very well-considered.  Check ’em out here:  AudioFile Magazine.)

The updates should all happen over the course of the next few weeks, as and when I get time.  I have great publisher clients with their books and some looming recording deadlines, however…

Happy listening, and be well –
April 22, 2014

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